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Warm Up

Burgener Warm Up For The Clean (No Measure)

Down and ups x3

Down and up with high elbows x3

Muscle Clean x3

Clean lands x3

Clean drops x3


Clean Pull w/ 3 Position Pause + Power Position Clean (Rep Max)

Clean pull w/

1- pause at mid shin

2- pause at right above knee

3- pause at power position(so right as shoulder come to over the barbell)

4-then extend tall into clean pull

+clean from power position
To achieve a true max, you will want to use your squat clean and drive your body down under the bar.

When finding the power position- it’s usually right at the pockets, don’t move the bar down to go up.


Metcon (Time)

Wod- for time (15 min cap)

50 russian kb swings

25 hr push ups(15 hspu)

40 kb swings

20 hr push ups (12 hspu)

30 kb swings

15 hr push ups(9 hspu)

20 kb swings

10 hr push ups(6 hspu)

10 swings

5 hr push ups(3 hspu)

After Party

Metcon (No Measure)


3*20(10l10r) banded glute side walk (Monster Walk using bands)

3*30 seated rows

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