Athlete of the MonthApril

Kristen Ripple

Years at Crossfit MontCo: 3

I can’t imagine my life without CrossFit!

When did you start CF? January 2019
What CF movements do you like? Cleans, snatches, wall walks (don’t judge me!) rowing and wall balls.
What CF movements do you dislike? All the stuff I can’t do yet, which is basically any gymnastic movement and dubs.
What sports or fitness things did you do before CF? Couch surfing, power eating, and wallowing in self pity which isn’t really a sport but I was damn good at it!
How did you find CF? I was scrolling Facebook and an as popped up and I was like hey, I know that girl (Jones)! Knowing that the owner was a close mutual friend made me feel super comfortable. And now I can’t imagine my life without CrossFit, or Kristin Jones.
What’s your favorite thing about CF? Finding not just my physical strength, but my inner strength! Both have gotten me through a wild three years.
What’s something most people don’t know about you? I’m an identical twin!
What’s on your CF bucket list? Pull ups
What advice do you have for new (or experienced!) CrossFitters? Try to accept where you are at any point in time or on any day. Some days you have it, some days you don’t. Maybe you don’t have it yet. Maybe you had it and lost it and have to get it back again. It’s all gravy, just keep showing up and moving!
Custom workout:
80-cal row
120 wall balls
Completed in order and reps of athletes choosing (a la Open workout 20.5)
Athlete must then use remaining time to find 1RM clean
Time cap 20 min.

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