Athlete of the MonthMarch

Jason Lewis

Career: Hospitality

Years at Crossfit MontCo: 2

My first workout with Montco was Mad Dog. Those clean and Jerks will get you every time.⁣

When did you start CF?⁣
I started CF in the spring of 2019 and switched gyms to CrossFit Montco in December of 2019.⁣
What are your favorite numbers and why?⁣
When it decreases in reps so like a 15-12-9 with a time cap. Really makes you pace yourself with movements and rest but also challenges you to complete the WOD.⁣
What CF movements do you like?⁣
I’m a huge fan of snatches. Mine are coming along in weight but would like to be able to snatch my weight or more. ⁣
What CF movements do you dislike?⁣
When I see Assault Bike in the Metcon. ⁣
What sports or fitness things did you do before CF?⁣
Did some running and traditional weight lifting a few times a week. Did more when I was younger but we are talking 20+ years.⁣
How did you find CF? ⁣
I came across an ad for a CF gym that opened up close to where I lived and I joined that one. Once I moved to Norristown I wanted find a closer gym so I switched to Montco.⁣
What was your first workout?⁣
My first workout with Montco was Mad Dog. Those clean and Jerks will get you every time.⁣
What’s your favorite thing about CF?⁣
It has to be the community or the comradery within the gym. Probably one of the best part of my day is knowing I will have support in my workout.⁣
What’s something most people don’t know about you?⁣
That I have a twin brother, maybe I don’t talk about him enough.⁣
What PRs or accomplishments are you most proud of?⁣
From 95lbs clean and jerk to 185lbs! Also my rig work with T2Bs and kipping pull ups improved so much from when I first started. Big shout out to coach Lauren Wood for making it happen.⁣
What’s on your CF bucket list?⁣
Muscle ups and butterfly pull ups.⁣
What advice do you have for new (or experienced!) CrossFitters?⁣
Not to get discourage when attempting new movements for any lifts. Above all safety first and correct form will come eventually and you’ll be lifting with the best of them soon enough.⁣
custom workout⁣
AMRAP 12 minute cap⁣
5 snatches 115/75⁣
10 burpees⁣
10 T2B⁣

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