Athlete of the MonthJuly

Melina Dos Diaz

Career: Project Manager

Years at Crossfit MontCo: 1

People here are cool as hell!

When did you start CF?: January 2022

What CF movements do you like? deadlifts, power cleans, push jerks, snatches (even though they’re a work-in-progress), and rowing

What CF movements do you dislike? pull-ups because I’m a weak baby bird….and burpees just because

What sports or fitness things did you do before CF? I grew up playing soccer & running track. After college is when I started weightlifting but wasn’t super consistent. CF has changed that!

How did you find CF? I was originally onboarding at a CF gym in Manayunk, but we miraculously bought a house in summer of 2021, moving us to MontCo. Once we settled in, I looked into CF gyms near us and the rest is history

What was your first workout? 24min AMRAP: 10 deadlifts, 20 pull-ups, 25 cals on rower. Before that, we did a bunch of pull-up skill work and I wanted to die

What’s your favorite thing about CF? I’m a competitive person, so the nature of CF just tickles my fancy, but above all else is the community. People here are cool as hell

What’s something most people don’t know about you? I’m really bad with my lefts and rights. Also, my thumbs can bend kinda weird, so that’s fun at parties

What PRs or accomplishments are you most proud of? A ton! Lots of weightlifting PRs. But I think I’m most proud of how much my endurance has improved. And I can do dubs? That’s pretty sick!

Make a custom workout to share! 20min AMRAP: 10 power cleans (135/95), 15 box jumps overs (24/20), 20 cal row

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