August is just a month full of Sunday’s for teachers.

CrossFit MontCo – CrossFit

Warm Up

Deadlift Warm Up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

10 spidermans

1 min each leg couch stretch

1 min each leg wall hamstring stretch

10 push ups

Deadlift Prep –


14 min emotm

1 dead 98%


Deadlift (7×1 evens 98%)

Toes-To-Bar (7×7 odds)


3 min max hang cleans (AMRAP – Reps)

if your hang clean is not where you want it to be yet, use time to focus on form


Cardio what?!? (Time)

Wod for time (11 min cap)

50 kb swings (heavier)

40 box jump overs (24/30)

300 m run with plate

20 plate burpees

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