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Burgener Warm Up For The Clean (No Measure)

Down and ups x3

Down and up with high elbows x3

Muscle Clean x3

Clean lands x3

Clean drops x3


Squat Clean Cycling (3 x 12 @ 135/ 95)

This must be touch and go

*new athletes can power clean + front squat


Torture (AMRAP – Reps)

15 min AMRAP

4 clean and jerks 135/95

4 c2b

4 c&j

8 c2b

4 c&j

12 c2b

4c&j 185/120

16 c2b

4 c&j

20 c2b

4 c&j

24 c2b

4 c&j225/155

28 c2b…..

* c&j weight should increase after every 3rd c2b

*score is total reps

After Party

Hollow Position Practice (No Measure)

-Hollow Rocks on Floor (5)

-Active Shoulder Practice on Bar

-Kick Ups and Hollow Holds against wall

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