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Coaches Corner

Just about everyone can benefit from performing the snatch balance, but there is a clear prerequisite – You must be capable of getting down into a solid, full OH squat position. Take your time. Keep working your mobility.

Warm Up

OHS warm up (No Measure)

2 rounds

10 dislocates/ pass-throughs

10 OHS with PVC pipe

10 pushups

1 minute bottom squat holds

10 wall extensions

Wall Extensions –

OHS prep –


Snatch Balance (1 RM)


OVER Burpees! (AMRAP – Reps)

5 min amrap

10 ohs (Sub Back/Front Squats)

7 burpees over barbell


Back 2 Basics! (3 Rounds for time)

Wod 3 rds with 3 min rest in between

20 cal row

30 med ball cleans

*Stagger Starts

* The ball shouldn’t rotate.

After Party

Metcon (No Measure)

100m Med Ball Sprints

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