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I grew up playing rec sports where my dad coached every team I was on; so the main priority was always to have fun and be safe. In high school I started running competitively and I loved it! One of my favorite things about running cross country or track was that you were always competing with yourself; even though we were trying to score points as a team and there were many people around me, running similar paces, my true competition was always myself. I think that’s what drew me into CrossFit so much. It didn’t matter the amount the person next to me was lifting, what mattered was that I was trying to be better and stronger than I wasthe day before.
CrossFit has helped me in my daily life immensely. I work with sometimes very strong, large animals at a local animal hospital. So, being able to safely squat, lift barbells and hold heavy weight has directly affected my work with animals in a
positive way.
I wanted to become a CrossFit Coach because the community of people involved is so amazing. I wanted to help motivate and change other people’s minds and perspectives. You’ll always hear me getting excited before a workout I’m secretly dreading. But going into it with a positive attitude, definitely makes a huge difference. So, I’ll see you at the Box!!!

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