When did you start Crossfit?
I started back in 2014. In Colombia where I’m from. ⁣

When did you join CFMC?
I joined last month and I have enjoyed the welcoming community and great workouts. ⁣

How long have you been coaching? ⁣
On and off since 2019. With some virtual classes, CrossFit, and personal training. I’m a CF-L2 coach but also a certified personal trainer. ⁣

Favorite movement(s).
I love all squats but my favorite is an overhead squat. Also, Double unders! ⁣

Least favorite movement(s). ⁣
Barbell Snatch ⁣

Favorite workout⁣
Annie is my favorite girl. Short and sweet. ⁣

Fun fact about you. ⁣
I can do weird waves with my belly. ⁣

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