Correct KB training works all components of physical fitness at a high level. It will make other things better.

CrossFit MontCo – 6 Week Challenge


Hang Clean (4 x 5 @ 70%)

practice hang cleans

find weight can do with good form at 5 reps

after their done, can find weight for thrusters for metcon


Day 9 – METCON (AMRAP – Reps)


3 Rounds

90 sec of max toes to bar

90 sec of max 6 inch burpees

90 sec of max KB switch

Rest 5 minutes during WOD change.


3 Rounds

90 sec of max box jump overs

90 sec of max thrusters 95/ 65 (scale to KB thrusters)

90 sec of max jumping lunge, can scale to walking lunges

*Score is total reps between two stations.

*Big class could do half class at WOD 1 and half at WOD 2. Then switch.

*Let me know will see thrusters again soon. So work form.

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