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Burgener Warm Up For The Clean (No Measure)

Down and ups x3

Down and up with high elbows x3

Muscle Clean x3

Clean lands x3

Clean drops x3


Clean Pull w/ 3 Position Pause + Power Position Clean (1 rep max!)

Clean pull w/

1- pause at mid shin

2- pause at right above knee

3- pause at power position(so right as shoulder come to over the barbell)

4-then extend tall into clean pull

+clean from power position


Fran Training #3 (2 Rounds for time)

2 rounds, each for time with all out effort, rest 3 min between rounds (can do as a group)

21 thrusters 95/ 65

21 pull-ups

15 thrusters

15 pull-ups

Accessory Work

Floor Press (3 x 5 )

Go heavier than last week.

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