Drink water.

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Saturday Warm Up (No Measure)

20 dislocates (pvc passthroughs)

10 push ups

15 sit ups


ABsolved (Time)


toes 2 bar

kb swings

med ball V-Ups (med ball held in between feet) (scale Med ball in hands)

400 m run after each round

For time with a 20 min cap

Scale accordingly

Partner Metcon

Partna’ 10 Switch (Time)

Wod- Partner Wod- 25 min cap

Must alt every 10 reps

100 back squats 95/65

80 KB swings

60 Thrusters

40 overhead lunges(L/r=1) with kettlebell

20 synchronized burpees

Once an exercise is started the bar or kettlebell may not touch the ground.

**If it does 400 meter run

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