I love you more than I hate burpees. Happy VDAY.

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Paused Back Squat (10 min EMOTM 10 x 1 @ 90%)

3 sec pause in bottom squat

Partner Metcon

Valentine’s Day “The Break Up” (AMRAP – Reps)

Part 1: “The Break-up”

With a running clock both partners simultaneously complete:

1st minute

Partner A: 3 hang cleans 135/ 95

Partner B: 3 burpee box jump overs

2nd minute

Partner B: 4 hang cleans

Partner A: 4 burpee box jump overs

And so on, adding 1 hang clean press and 1 bbj each minute until ONE partner cannot complete the prescribed reps in the minute. The score for this workout is the total reps of the FIRST partner to drop out.


Valentine’s Day “The Make Up” (Time)

Part 2 “The Make Up”

6 Rounds for Time

Partner A: 5 thrusters 135/ 95

Partner B: 10 pulls (+C2B)

5 Partner Deadlifts 315/ 225

*Switch movements every round.

* You can use two bars.

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