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Warm Up

Back Squat Warmup (No Measure)

2 Rounds

1-3 Min Rowing

20 Spidermans

20 Couch Stretches

1 Min Bottom Squat Hold

20 Dislocates/ Pass Thrus


Box Squat (3×10 @ 80% regualar back squat)

These have a wider stance and they should be sitting tall on the box.



Partna Tag! (Time)

25 min cap

A. Run 100 m tag partner

B. Run 100 m tag partner

A. 21 pull ups

B. 21 pull ups

A. 21 box jump overs

B.21 box jump overs

Repeat with run, 15,15 then run 9,9…

Only One Works at a time to complete all reps then switch!
**You Run after every exercise, so Pull Ups-Run-Box Jump Overs-Run

When you are done, take 1 minute rest and then complete 100 KB swings as a team- one person works while other holds a KB

Score is time after KB swings minus 1 minute rest.

After Party

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