January Athlete of the Month – 🏆 Mark Hammons!

When did you start CF?
January 2017⁣

What CF movements do you like?⁣
Cleans, jerks, dubs⁣

What CF movements do you dislike?⁣
Thrusters and squats for sure. ⁣

What sports or fitness things did you do before CF?⁣
I ran for a couple of years, but no other sports or fitness besides that.  ⁣

How did you find CF? ⁣
On New Years Eve I saw an ad on Facebook about participating in a 6 week transformation challenge.  Going into the new year I was overweight, out of shape, and wanted to lose a few pounds for my sister’s upcoming wedding.  I figured I could do anything for 6 weeks, and even told Kristin during my intake that I didn’t plan to staying after the challenge finished.  Ronca was my coach for the 6 weeks and I credit him for the reason I stayed.  Four years later, here we are! ⁣

What’s your favorite thing about CF?⁣
100% the friendships and sense of community. ⁣

What PRs or accomplishments are you most proud of?⁣
Not long after we came back from quarantine I hit a 200 pound C & J and also my first muscle up.  I also just broke my 200th beer in the Beer Club!⁣

What’s on your CF bucket list?⁣
Strict pull ups and handstand walks ⁣

What advice do you have for new (or experienced!) CrossFitters?⁣
For me, showing up is half the battle. A workout where you only put in 60% effort is still better than sitting home on the couch and eating chips.  For someone who’s new to CF, be sure not to compare yourself to others in class who are probably more experienced.  Keep track of your results and push yourself harder than you did the week before.  Then see the results.⁣

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