Partna’ Work

CrossFit MontCo – CrossFit

Warm Up

Metcon (No Measure)

2 rounds

5 burpees

10 air squats

10 sit ups


rower cond #8 (3 Rounds for distance)

3*20 pulls for max meters

Partner Metcon

MAX Lift #2 (3 Rounds for weight)

For total weight

8 min each lift

Max snatch 0-8

Max jerk 8-16

Max squat clean thruster 16-24

Choose weight wisely, work with your partner to accumulate the most total weight for each lift. Once a weight is decided for a particular lift it must remain the same. You may change the weights when the movement changes.

I.e- Lift 200#*10 in 8 mins is 2000# and 100# 20 times in 8 mins is 2000#

If using two bars, only one bar may be in use at a time. Other bar must be completed rested before second is picked up.

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