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Liz McGlinns success story

Liz McGlinn

3 years at Crossfit MontCo

I was looking around for a new box to call home after mine closed last year. Let’s put it this way, I stopped looking after my week trial at CrossFit Montco. The other members are friendly, welcoming and helpful and the coaches ACTUALLY know what they t...

Lucas Arango Vieiras success story

Lucas Arango Vieira

5 years at Crossfit MontCo

I’ve been doing Crossfit here, since we move from Colombia 2+ years ago. The only thing we knew at that time is that we wanted to keep on doing Crossfit. I’m glad we find this place, which is amazing!!! It have helped me to grow physically and mentall...

Mike Demontes success story

Mike Demonte

2 years at Crossfit MontCo

Results speak for themselves. Started CrossFit end of May 2018 having no idea what CrossFit of today have dropped 10# and lost 5% body fat. Add to that losing an easy inch off the waist in addition to dramatic improvements in strength and conditio...