Welcome Coach Joe!

We’d like to introduce our new coach, Joe D’Alessandro⁣

I started CrossFit back in 2012. I started with my father and fell in love with CrossFit that summer. I have been doing CrossFit since then.⁣

I have been coaching since 2013. I started coaching not too long after I started CrossFit. I knew my goal in life was to help people become happier and healthier than before. When I finished school I worked as a nutrition counselor and fitness instructor. I worked these two positions until the pandemic hit, that’s when I moved down to PA and started at CFMC.⁣

My Favorite movements are Cleans, snatches and many of the gymnastic movements.⁣

My least favorite movements are thrusters and anything that is more than 10 reps haha!⁣

My favorite benchmark is ⁣
“Dumbbell DT”⁣
5 RDS⁣
12 Deadlifts⁣
9 Hang Power Cleans⁣
6 Push Jerks⁣

My fun fact is my dream job is to co-host the show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.”⁣

Custom workout⁣
8 RDS⁣
1 Heavy C&J⁣
5 Pull Ups⁣
200m Run⁣

My biggest piece of advice to anyone starting or continuing CrossFit is to be open minded. CrossFit so great because we have the opportunity to change ourselves. CrossFit and the community that it comes with allows us to meet people that we may not have met in our everyday lives. We are able to do things that we couldn’t think we could do before. Trust the process and have fun! ⁣

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